Helping Your Organization Meet Its Business Technology Needs

When your organization needs technology solutions for your business, turn to the experts at buyerTech. We’re not your typical company: we don’t sell any products or services. Instead, we provide the most in-depth technology advice anywhere to help you make the best technology-related buying decisions anywhere.

We’re an independent technology advisor, and we don’t answer to anyone but our clients. That’s right — because we’re not linked to any technology providers, we provide vendor-neutral device and resources for all sorts of business products. From Copiers and printers, phone systems, IT services, document solutions, and beyond, you can count on buyerTech to provide you unbiased, accurate advice!

Proven Success and Savings

We do more than just make sure you purchase the perfect technology solutions for your business. We’ve got a proven success rate thanks to the use of our proprietary tools and our focus on finding our clients the right products for their business, and not just when it comes to functionality! We’re also dedicated to providing you the best value and securing you the best terms, all while saving you time by you steering you clear of buying mistakes.

We’re good at what we do. In fact, our clients have all saved a minimum of 30% on the cost of their business technologies through the use of our unique process services.

buyerTech provides hard-dollar savings for organizations of any size, making us the perfect choice for small businesses. To date, we’ve helped a small, 70-bed healthcare facility save $800,000 across five years and a small school district save $740,000 on a purchase of just ten copiers and 40 printers. Both of these projects took us less than a few months from start to finish, offering untold soft savings in time and energy as well!

Don’t go it alone when it comes to sourcing technology solutions for your business organization. Turn to buyerTech for the help you need today!