Helping Your Organization Meet Its Business Technology Needs

When your organization needs technology solutions for your business, turn to the experts at buyerTech. We’re not your typical company: we don’t sell any products or services. Instead, we provide the most in-depth technology advice anywhere to help you make the best technology-related buying decisions anywhere.

We’re an independent technology advisor, and we don’t answer to anyone but our clients. That’s right — because we’re not linked to any technology providers, we provide vendor-neutral device and resources for all sorts of business products. From Copiers and printers, phone systems, IT services, document solutions, and beyond, you can count on buyerTech to provide you unbiased, accurate advice!

Proven Success and Savings

We do more than just make sure you purchase the perfect technology solutions for your business. We’ve got a proven success rate thanks to the use of our proprietary tools and our focus on finding our clients the right products for their business, and not just when it comes to functionality! We’re also dedicated to providing you the best value and securing you the best terms, all while saving you time by you steering you clear of buying mistakes.

We’re good at what we do. In fact, our clients have all saved a minimum of 30% on the cost of their business technologies through the use of our unique process services.

buyerTech provides hard-dollar savings for organizations of any size, making us the perfect choice for small businesses. To date, we’ve helped a small, 70-bed healthcare facility save $800,000 across five years and a small school district save $740,000 on a purchase of just ten copiers and 40 printers. Both of these projects took us less than a few months from start to finish, offering untold soft savings in time and energy as well!

Don’t go it alone when it comes to sourcing technology solutions for your business organization. Turn to buyerTech for the help you need today!


We offer a full range of services when it comes to selecting the best technology solutions for your business. Here are just a few of our specialties.

Copiers & Printers

Our independent review system relies on head-to-head comparisons provided by a third-party office equipment space test lab, providing us complete overviews of each piece of equipment, its strong and weak points, and any other pros and cons. This ensures that our clients are always receiving an apples-to-apples comparison on the copier and printer models they’re considering.

That’s not all when it comes to support for printer and copier support, though: we’ve developed a proprietary hardware pricing tool collects actual sales data from copier dealers across the country to create a national database that can show clients what organizations are paying on average for their own printer and copier solutions. We can show you what everyone else is paying on the exact make and model they’re considering, including accessory prices and service rates.
Finally, we have our device service performance tool. You need to know how much service you can expect from a new copier or printer, so we’ve collected the service records of thousands of other devices to create average lifecycle projections and how many service calls you can expect from a particular piece of hardware.

Managed Print Services

Fleet management is a living, breathing entity, constantly adapting to your change in users, usage, and organizational needs. You need the right type of support buyerTech’s fleet management services, which can ensure you select the right equipment for the right area. Unlike outside sales reps which may be driven by warehouse inventory and commission motivations, our neutral position means we put your needs truly first.

Our managed print services don’t stop there. We can also help in redeploying current technology that’s not performing to its full potential, which can often provide a better return on investment than replacing it altogether. We can also offer user management printing solution, by aligning you with the right service provider in your area, removing the burden from your IT department completely.

Business Phone Systems

Here at buyerTech, we provide full-service business phone system support. From helping you select an appropriate service provider plan, offering communication continuity planning, or VoIP troubleshooting, we’re here to provide you the best services that keep you and your phone systems working properly by coordinating solutions and acting as a liaison between multiple phone and service vendors. More than that, we can aid in planning, testing, and executing operations in the face of emergencies such as health outbreaks, building outages, and other natural disasters, ensuring you’ll be able to adapt to new and possibly chaotic conditions as they emerge.

IT Consulting

We might not sell servers, hardware, computers, or accessories, but we sure know how all these elements work together. Let us put our expertise to work for you by providing guidance on identifying goals and objectives for your company, helping you adapt both network and security operations to your organization’s specific needs. We can help you scale your budget to ensure your uptime is maximized and that you have the most efficient and effective cybersecurity measures appropriately.

Our IT solutions aren’t just relegated to the office. We offer full mobile and remote workforce solutions as well, offering analysis of your entire existing technology stack to provide you with the most efficient use of the technology you already possess, often without necessitating the purchase of new equipment. We also offer back-up and disaster recovery solutions, which include continuity planning and validation advice. Accidents happen all the time, and you don’t want your data at risk — buyerTech helps you close those loopholes for good.


We employ a step-by-step process to provide our clients with the best, most efficient hand-tailored service and support. It all starts with our free consultation, where we assess your existing technology stack, understand your goals and objectives, and review any existing vendor lease, finance, or service contracts. We analyze a number of factors, including the needs of your organization and its users, your workflow optimization, and business continuity strategies, gathering as much data as we can, and then researching custom-designed solutions for your organization.

Next, we analyze our findings to see if we can check one of our three business-critical checkboxes, the principles that create the core of our success:

  • Savings – We know you want to spend your money wisely while simultaneously maximizing the value of your existing technology. Thanks to our vendor-neutral nature, we can review contracts and vendor proposals without being incentivized by what we have in stock or current commission rates. We provide honest assessments and opinions, motivated only by what delivers significant savings and profits to your organization.
  • Improvement – Technology exists to make your life easier and improve your operations, and we’re dedicated to finding hidden gems within the investments that you have already made. However, if your past investments are unable to meet present demands, we will discover new technologies that will satisfy the needs of your business and your wallet’s desires.
  • Problem-Solving – We’re all about identifying problems and designing efficient approaches to solving them. If we identify problems that cannot be solved by your existing technology stack, we compare external options with your company’s strategic goals and provide you with informed recommendations to enhance your operation’s efficacy.

How We Conduct Research

Our expertise lies in the painstaking research we do for each and every client. Since we don’t sell products and services directly, we can offer honest and unbiased approaches to help you discover technology solutions. We gain an understanding of not just the goals and objectives for your organization but your problems, solutions and financial hopes, basing our research on what technologies, 3rd party solutions or vendors meet these specific needs.

We go more than just researching simple references vendors provide from existing clients. Organizations need to be able to trust the vendors they select, and these recommendations never tell the whole story. That’s why we use data to analyze vendor performance when it comes to ticket times, first call fix rates, recall rates, and mean time between failure. We then compare this data to national averages to provide you with actionable information that’s both informative and objective.

We research more than just vendor reliability and expertise, though. buyerTech provides fully-vetted finance solutions as well. Whether this means sourcing money from a leasing company or a bank, we specialize in providing a number of opportunities to financial controllers and make it clear which offers may be more beneficial than others based on your organization’s current financial position.

Our Direct Management Services

We can do much more than simply research the best solutions for your company. After discovering where your organization’s strengths and weaknesses are, we can provide our direct management services on your behalf. Our asset management provisions include contract logistics, ensuring that you’re not locked into agreements that favor the vendor, thanks to our comprehensive 40-point review that identifies and eliminates unfair rates and pricing, limit incidental charges, and ensure that you understand the overall lifecycle of the contract or technology.

Meanwhile, buyerTech can help in streamlining your request for proposal (RFP) process as well, thanks to the knowledge base and experience to create and modify solutions for your company that only industry experts like us can provide. Anyone can work with multiple vendors to leverage the lowest possible price on technology solutions, but we go a step further by analyzing lifecycle costs, understanding its impact on user productivity and the organization, and by weighing service needs with the longevity of your purchase. Traditional RFP processes cannot answer these purchase implications in the way ours can, as it leverages your company’s investments by maximizing profits and productivity.

Finally, buyerTech can provide impeccable vendor service performance as well. We offer budget planning, vendor service performance and invoice reviews, and keep a close eye on services usage compliance and the performance and lifecycle of each piece of technology your organization needs. We can handle service request intakes and helpdesk management as well as vendor and technology transitions as well, finding ways to optimize the ability of vendors to provide services to you, cutting down on both their overhead and yours. Whether it’s a phone call, a ticket response, an item shipment, a physical visit, or anything else, letting buyerTech facilitate vendor interaction saves both you and your vendors time and resources.