No one likes being “nickeled and dimed.” Unfortunately, that’s probably what your office technology like copiers, printers, business phone systems and IT networks are doing to you.

Have you ever really looked closely at your lease or service agreements? Probably not. Most vendors trust that their customers will never look at the fine print. It’s how they get away with charging thousands of extra dollars.

You see, lease and service contracts are usually written for the benefit of the vendor, not the customer. They’re loaded with all sorts of hidden fees, costs and upcharges – things like “invoice processing fees,” “trip charges,” “environmental surcharges” and the like. They often charge a minimum for services whether the customer uses them or not – in other words, you pay for things that you’ll likely never use.

Worse yet, both contracts likely have automatic annual renewals, with cost increases built right in. That’s even more money coming off your bottom line – and going directly into the vendor’s pocket.


DiMAX Difference Makers – Unparalleled Value

  • You’ll only pay for what was used – no upfront charges, minimum print volumes or overage penalties
  • You’ll never pay for carefully disguised profit-padders (“fuel surcharges,” “invoice processing fees,” etc.)
  • You’ll receive regular usage reports to analyze your help put your technology budgets in perspective costs
  • You’ll receive an annual projected budget for each piece of technology, plus a lifecycle management plan


DiMAX Difference Makers – Unparalleled Service

  • You’ll receive Guaranteed Service Performance Standards in writing, making us accountable for every call, question and support request, every time.
  • You’ll get the best enterprise-class support resources and local on-site service, truly the best of both worlds.
  • You’ll feel the benefits of proactive support heading off problems before they strike vs calling after something is already broken.
  • You’ll be taken care of immediately by a trained technician when you reach out by phone, email or chat. We answer our calls live right here in the USA, 24/7/365 and respond within minutes to email requests.